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The photovoltaic system of NewSea represents the first realisation of grid parity for the dimension in Italy with its 199,5 KWp and 220.000 KWh. 
What does it mean? We product electrical energy from a renewable source with a KW cost of product same as the cost of the KW acquire, and with a project designed so that the energy product has to be used entirely by us and not sold.  All this has increase  in the community as our plant doesn’t benefit any public subsidy.
The focus of our plant success is the integration of energetic efficient, the respect for the environment, the innovation, the finance and the maximization of the employment creating local production chain and last but not least is to follow aesthetic character.
The “perfect” plant for our needs has been realised after an accurate analysis of all the parameter  involved in the project and, starting from the energetic needs passing trough a careful evaluation of subcontract offers.  We are proud to add a new step in the technological organisation of New Sea related to commercial politics, marketing and market view.
NewSea: proud to be ahead!
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