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  • Defrosting of cephalopods molluscs
  • Gutting

The core business of NewSea is the commercialisation of seafood product but we take particular care the processing of some products as the defrosting of cephalopods  molluscs (octopus, cuttlefish, squid, etc.) and gutting..

Defrost: the product, frozen at time of fishing, arrives at our store and it is kept in cell with controlled temperature. By the time of selling,  the product  is defrost and than revives along the traditional process with the aim to accurately reactivate the organoleptic characteristics of the product.

Gutting: the product is gutted to better satisfy customer’s needs as they are large retail chains, restaurants or fishmongers and with all the hygienical EU requirements.
The collaboration with a local family-run company brought us to create the new brand GOLDMAR; with  products ready to be cooked with the aim to bring out a good and healthy product in the market,  particularly addressed to children.
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